The designers of the Deep Space Auditorium, a 11,400-seat, state-of-the-art facility in Wisconsin, created a relatively low height stage that incorporated an audio/video stage monitor trough. In order for the trough to exist at a depth that would keep a clean look on stage, only 19 inches of space remained for subwoofers beneath the stage. Clair Brothers was given the challenge of designing an under stage subwoofer around 28% shorter than the average sub without compromising performance.


The USLP, a 18” high (max outer dims) sub loaded with two 18” woofers, was designed and implemented in this space. These low profile subs paired perfectly with the large, steered sub array comprised of 18 Clair Brothers CS218. The USLP is a welcome product amongst Clair Brothers’ range of solutions as it finds its home in houses of worship, theaters and many other potentially height-limited applications seeking full bodied low frequency sound reinforcement.

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