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Clair Bros Radisson Hotel Demo | PL+S 2018

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Translated from orginal French

Clair Bros at Radisson Hotel

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – APRIL 2018: It's pretty speakers lacquered wood and big, very large subwoofers, but it's even more beautiful when they play music. Clair Bros privatized a room of the Radisson Hotel during the PLS to give us a striking proof. With sound.

We found with pleasure Dominique Maurel (left on the picture), the soul, the head, the ears and the legs of Audio Concept, his company that combines services, sales and integration and exclusive distribution of Clair Brothers equipment for France.

Also present is Josh Sadd, director of speaker development [engineering] Clair Bros, a super technician whom we have already had the chance to interview and who is regularly on tour. Hunt the natural, it comes down to 340 meters per second (at 15° C.).

Three systems and a few wedges were put in the spotlight. From the kiTCurve12+ and therefore amplified by a Powersoft module, a small line-array C8 system consisting of four heads, two 90 ° and two 120 ° placed on a pair of subs CS118, finally in the center throne the oldest systems style, the S2, with the bass / subs pair S2B for the band-pass and S2A for the SLR, and at the top, the medium-high-frequency unit, the S2-CX-P. Needless to say that the level is reasonable, is not a DJ of international fame who wants, he who is usually between two stacks type C8 ...

The big winner is the pair of kiTCurve12. Even without any sub and in a room already consistent, these two small heads delivered a sound of very good quality with a nervousness and at the same time an extension in the grave, sufficient in many cases.
Good point also for the medium and treble, extremely pleasant and for the connection between the 12 '' and the 3 '' engine. This banana head with class. Bravo.
Very well also the S2, a system that would make the happiness of clubs and small / medium rooms looking for a very organic, fat, very, very big and attractive despite its old style color. The advantage of a double sub as on the S2 is to dispose of the drool by the A, the bass reflex and the shots in the bide by the B which, by its charge, banana sung especially between 60 and 100 Hz with 2 dB more sensitivity. Both are equipped with a 21 '' and the whole can be powered by an 8-conductor cable since each head has an EP-8. I had to dare to release this kind of system. It is a success.
The C8 allowed to see its potential, but listening to a line array at 3 meters, is not ideal, even well broken and rigged carefully. Well despite all the medium and the high end, very delicate.

Two wedges have been proposed to us

The 1AM+, versatile in the extreme since bi-amplified, used as a wedge but also as a reinforcement speaker thanks to its options of hanging or laying on feet.
As always in Clair, the + means that it comes with a Powersoft amp and DSP of origin, delivering twice 1600W at 4 ohms.
This power and the ease of the products of this brand to provide very low impedances, makes it is expected an output NL4 to feed a second 1 AM passive. It is this configuration that has been proposed to us.

The second wedge is 1.5AM+. Equipped with a 15 '' and a 4 '' motor, it has the same two-channel amp module as the 1 AM + and we were presented with a second passive wedge and thus powered by the + module. Of course, the 15 '' and larger vents give it a more extended frequency response at the bottom.

These three wedges were proposed to us, a fact too rare not to announce it, with a SM58 on foot. Happiness. Both references seduced us.
The guidance is perfect, the ideal frequency response for use with a raw foundry side that betrays the freedom left to the technician to "make" the sound of his wedge. The material is there and there. It pushes hard in both models with a small preference for 1 AM which, in amplified pair, is a powerful solution, dry and very discreet, with a serious even harder and in the face thanks to the pair of 12 ''.

A big thank you to all the team of Clair Bros for the welcome and the quality of this demo.

More information on the Clair Brothers website and on the Audio Concept website

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Text and Photos: Ludovic Monchat

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