Clair Brothers Financing

Why Finance Equipment?

Fulfill All Your System Needs Today
Financing can help you address your business’ or facility’s critical production needs. We make it possible for you to focus on your goals such as increasing rental inventory revenues, improving production values, fitting a budget, reducing sub-rental costs, or maintaining profitability. We help you get the gear you need now.

Streamlined And Made For Your Industry
No bank covenants or compensating balances. Banks rely on rearview credit decisions based solely on where your business has been, not where it’s going.

Conserve On-Hand Cash
Through financing, your cash is not tied up in equipment costs. Financing frees up cash for more strategic investments or for innovation to build your market presence.

Preserve Credit Resources
Financing also frees up your lines of credit, leaving more capital available for when needs emerge.

Fixed Payments
A fixed monthly payment helps you to predict and manage your budget over the long term.

Increase your ROI
When using financing, your outlay of cash is minimal and hence as the Equipment you’ve purchased works and generates income it helps boost your Return on Investment.


Benefits of Financing

Unique Promotional Rates & Terms
A variety of terms and structures are available to fit your unique business needs with affordable fixed monthly payments and low fixed rates. Financing options start at a minimum of $10,000.

Built For Our Industry
We’ve partnered with Quail Financial Solutions to offer our customers the most robust financing options available. Quail has extensive experience offering financing to Houses of Worship, production studios, production rental companies, performance venues, cinema, stadiums, government facilities, and other businesses. Quick turn-around time is ensured to meet event deadlines. Often loans can be approved in as little as 24 hours. Financing programs include equipment finance agreements and lease purchase programs on terms from 12 to 84 months with low fixed term rates.

Total Solution Financing
Finance up to 100% of your equipment costs in addition to soft costs such as maintenance, installation, and services. Subject to some limitations, we can also finance the complementary non-competing equipment of your total system such as cabling, racks, microphones, furniture and more.


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